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I have issues, you got issues too, but we often try to wake up and act like we got it-that the Spirit! Am sharing with you today my thought and positive vibes titled, Current Situation and some inspirations to keep us going. Be Inspired!

Do not be distracted by your Current Situation, Stay in your lane and trust the process. We don’t just win the trophy by practicing occasionally. That has never worked.

We WIN by practicing Consistently.

The future is unclear, that true. But you gotta do something anyway.

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Guide to Taming the 21st Century Alpha Female “Bitch” in you

For every leader comes the follower, superior comes subordinates, employer comes employee and for that “good-guy”, the bitch!

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Find your worth first!

There is another way to define the word “BITCH”, your attitude will define your type of “B-I-T-C-H”

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Be the better side of you!

Author’s Disclaimer!

α) “Its is not for the woman whose husband has an addiction or a mental illness, or who’s abusive in any way. It is for women whose husband are healthy, sober and safe”.

β) ” Despite the book’s focus on wives, the advice herein applies to any woman who’s in a long-term, monogamous relationship with a man

Blogger Disclaimer! – Almost same just highlighting some KEY’s

Dear Reader,

α) To the Wife’s: Note that, if your husband is abusive, psycho, mentally unstable, addict etc., you are not addressed. Strictly for Mentally Sound MAN. (Not same gender, just saying)’

β) To the Single’s: Emphasis is on MONOGAMOUS (in case it wasn’t clear above as stated) and LOOOONG TERM relationship with a MAN.

The truth is, the bolts needs the nut to work, in fact, the teeth needs the adapter too never mind the words just some engineering stuffs” , therefore you can’t deceive yourself by bitch-ing around and expect that good behavior from that good man.

“Don’t expect to see a CHANGE if you can’t make one”

Here, is a brief book review about the new Suzanne Venker book,” The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men and Marriage” This author basically talks about knowing your roles and when to switch them not to interfere with your love life.

As a female myself, what I simply cannot wrap my head around is we as a society is failing to see that we have created our own enemies. We shout about equality, feminism, sexism and all of that but when we get to the comfort of our home and things are messed up we try to blame the man for not helping.

We want to be so good and recognized in the society and we do everything to win that best worker of the year, (which is all good and admirable), that woman every lady in the society look up to; so what do we do then, we fight the good fight with all our might, literally, just to get us that trophy that we forget that we need to reserve some strength for the home. Its expected of us to cook, clean, do dishes, perhaps pick up the kids from school (yes! That the typical career African Woman hustle every single day). Why? “oh, daddy has to work and he is busy…”. And oh, hey! lest you forget, you got some “satisfaction” to do in bed after dinner too. No Excuse though, Whew!

Our journey of being and becoming the best is applaudable; in fact, it’s very admirable but that shouldn’t steal our responsibility. Women came after men and nothing can change that, but in our quest to being and winning that trophy, it should not be forgotten that women still comes second, “beta” is what we are, period!

I am a victim of that bitchy attitude myself (good for you if you got it all in place like every single time), but I “kinda” need help here if you see what I mean; just like you do, I suppose. But this shit is work, just as any good-thing is. New business, relationship and marriage is work. We want happy relationship right, I guess, so we got to work for it anyway (if you don’t, this book and article isn’t for you, sorry). Check Disclaimer alert!!!

Truth or myth, our bad attitude put men off, they aren’t attractive adall . This was advice by one counsellor; “be the boss you are at work and be that sweet and loving woman to your partner back home” too. This got me thinking a lot cos it’s not as easy as switching attitude like that, oops! Anyone here with me, I knew you following, Atta girl!

Anyway, this advice brings to mind the thought of the experience I had when I got my new phone

Okay, so when I bought my first smart phone, I couldnt’ let it down for minutes; I adored it a lot and the fact that I could send mails, FaceTime, chart with friends and play my favorite game Words, made me forget I had this lovely little cute handset (yeah! that how I prefer to call it after my new) which at a time I adored too, I could talk to my boyfriend at a time on phone for long hours without thinking of my battery draining even without charging for days. Now after long hours of surfing the internet, chatting and face timing occasionally, my battery drained and behold there lies my “yam” (a name given to non-smart phones), which I had pitifully abandoned somewhere in my room. Surprisingly, I found it lying there almost full-bar. A smirk of smile spread my face as I picked it to make a call (after all that the only thing I could possibly do with it though), only for me to find out the phone was not responding when I try to scroll through (dummy me!) to find a contact to call. Duh!!! The phone is not working I screamed! damn it. For close to a minute I still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the phone, since it was intact. I was furious and cussed out a bit. Until my sense quickly hit me up that the screen is not thumb sensitive. What! What in the name was I thinking. There is no way that handset could have ever worked if I had continued demonstrating that absurdity. I quickly change from my “dummy-mode” to my Aha! mode moment to operate the device as it well deserves. Voila! It worked perfect.

“Know What to do, When to d it, Where to do it and How to do it”

Moral of Story

Its was clear in the story above that, in as much as I was used to the old phone, I needed some sort of awareness in my thought to be able to use what I was use to since I was no longer using it for some time. Also to say, we all need the attitude of gratefulness and alertness to remind us who we are and the price to pay; be a single woman in a relationship or a married woman. Thus, our role have changed, but rules haven’t.

Peaceful and loving relationship can be obtained, but its takes a lotta work, trial and error and careful reminder to be able to do that.

Suzanne Venker, got Praises from other authors:

  • In The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men and Marriage, Suzanne Venker shows that being an alpha female doesn’t need to interfere with love and harmony.”
    ˜Shawn T. Smith, Psy.D., author of The Practical Guide to Men˜
  •  “The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage is a smart and provocative book for women who’ve been raised to be independent at all costs or to be resentful of men and marriage. Using her own story as a model, Suzanne Venker shows how a simple shift in attitude is all women need to find peace with the men in their lives. If you’re a woman who feels successful in life but unsuccessful in love, look no further. The Alpha Female’s Guide to Men & Marriage is your answer!”              ˜Susan Page, relationship expert and author of How One of You Can Bring the Two of You Together˜

As women, we are not privy to certain information therefore, this book somewhat memoir, could guide you to relive that happy relationship or marriage you once had.

What Others Think About this Book

As a cultural critic herself, media did not also spare her on that. Critics on social media had their take on some mentions in the book but let not forget situations are different and we can learn from someone else’s and be better on ours, Think about it!

Alpha Female's Guide cover Venker.THE_WAR_ON_MEN.cover_ Venker feminism bk cover.jpg how-to-choose-a-husband-book-cover

Hope you enjoy this authors book and her other related books.

Will end here and go get more piece from other great author’s to review and pen them down for you-my dear reader. Check out my reactions below.

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“Your Wealth is not in the Purse you carry”

Reading has been one of my own ways to challenge myself, not necessarily to learn new words per se, but to have knowledge almost about any thing I chance on.

Last month, I finished my seventh book (how i wish i was able to do that during my under-grad years though) which I discovered reading my sixth book for this year, “#GirlBoss (one of my top-10 books ever read) by Sophia Amoruso. Although, Tony Robbins mentioned it in his first financial book (Yes, was quite surprised too, but he did a good job on that as usual) MONEY: Master The Game, hearing it from the “Nasty Gal” herself pushed me to fish out that piece and read as well.

One thing I realize with people  is, we hear advice but we do not listen to them, we often times position ourselves in such a way that the advisor thinks we are paying attention to every word but in our minds we go like “psst, yeah whatever“! Situations like this happen very often, am a victim myself sometimes, because we think we know but we often do not until something strike’s. We are not supposed to go through problems before precautions are made though. Often, people say Live, make mistakes , it’s all good after all.


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When you make mistakes you learn from it but certain mistakes can be skipped or even stopped from happening in the first place.

Mistakes like refusing to put aside money for later use, obsessing over things “some stuffs”, like we usually love to call it, finding excuses to everything we do are part of the behavior killing us going forward. This is when I come in, literally.

Am sharing with you the parables of finance as I wish to call it. Here you will discover some highlighted point I would like my readers to not only practice in their day-to-day activities but share and talk about because it happening in our everyday lives and you as an individual and the nation as a whole are losing one way or the other.

Behold the 5 Laws of Gold:

α) “Gold cometh gladly and in increasing quantity to any man who will put not less than one-tenth of his earnings to create an estate for his future and that of his family”. We usually here “Less is More” right! Little and careful savings can get us the things we always crave for. Sometimes savings can be difficult but the thought of finally having what I desire makes me forgo my little cravings for what i really need. Ask yourself, what do i really need and want; if you could differentiate that from all you wish to have, I believe it’s a first step to something your future self would be proud of. You deserve to pay yourself too right, so why not try this: put one tenth of all the “hustle money” (earnings) aside and keep doing that for say 12 months and you will see how that can change a lotta things. “yeah, thank me later”.

β) “Gold laboreth diligently and contentedly for the wise owner who finds for it profitable enjoyment, multiplying even as the flocks of the field”. After savings what next, we don’t just pick up all the hard-earned to blow it up but rather, you allow the hard-earned to work for you. Working for you will therefore bring to you more fortune more than what you had before. He who labor find gold!

γ) “Gold clingeth to the protection of the cautious owner who invests it under the advice of men wise in its handling”. In my country Ghana there is a saying that says: “be careful, for you could lose the little you have too”. This saying to me talks about guarding what you have, and you could do that by investing its wisely and with the right advice from expects you could yield even more. It pays to wait, good things do not come easily right!

δ) “Gold slippeth way from the man who invests it in business or purposes with which he is not familiar or which are not approved by the skilled in its keep”. It’s advisable you understand whatever field you wish to enter into. Know thyself they say, because you do not want to be throwing money around whenever you see any business potential somewhere. Be prepared before the worse!

ε) “Gold flees the man who would force it to impossible earnings or who followeth the alluring advice of tricksters and schemers or who trusts it to his own inexperience and romantic desires in investment”. Thou shalt not be tempted by unimportant desires they say; if you allow your emotions to be swayed by any desires that may come your way, you will LOSE. We are surrounded by many investment company’s, therefore seek to know the good ones and find your way with them. You simply do not wish to be swindled away by intelligent tricksters who seek to suck away one’s hard-earned.

<<Remember, a part of what you earn is only yours to keep>>

Know Thyself!

We all got Wants and Needs

We all got Wishes and Desires

Therefore know what to do and do it first.

Know Thyself!

One way or the other,

We all got the spirit of procrastination

Master your Own and get to

Know Thyself!

Know your Strength!

Work towards your Wishes.

Fat purse quickly empties if there is no streams of refill.

For little drops of water make a mighty Ocean

Know Thyself for your future-self thank you.

Affirmation: “A part of what I Earn is Mine to KEEP”!!!

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Welcome to sNote

You are welcome to SophiYYa’s Note.

Here, you will find inspiration and blogs about most favorite Books, Authors and interesting Short Stories to make your day at work, school or home very relaxing.

Sit back, enjoy and bring out any criticism and suggestions.

Hope you find it very informative and entertaining too as we gather mesmerizing Notes to help you have a wonderful day!

“What Happens When You Don’t Give-up”

Source: Pinterest

Often times, accepting what is happening is the only way we can deal with…That’s okay! Painfully, “quiting” becomes our alternative escape.

In turn, our fantods has also not yielded any solution to our headaches. Reading a post on Pinterest got me thinking. I read out loud; Yeah! So “what happens when I don’t give up”… What happens! I thought so to myself.

***I, therefore decided to try not given up on my workout routines and see if something will happen. And the truth is; never have I ever regreted being persistent.***

Words have its own effects and positive words resonates on the inside- therefore speak good things into your situations and see your situations turn around for good.


A picture hanging in the office of one prestigious CEO depicted a large rowboat stranded on a beach. Two oars rested gently in the sand with the ocean at low tide twenty or thirty feet behind it. This boat was just stucked in the sand. It looked too heavy to drag and even to move. The picture didn’t have nothing peculiar; it plainly looked depressing as a boat made to float on top of waves being stranded and stucked. Nothing will struck you about this picture until you read the caption: “THE TIDES ALWAYS COME BACK.”

Credit: ~It’s Your Time by Joel Osteen~

Wait for your gift after not given up…

This story got me rejuvenated, knowing that we all get depressed one way or the other when result do not go our way after pressing for so long.

We may find our work, relationship, business and life stucked for a long period with no breakthrough; do not throw in the towel yet-hold on!

As we enter into this New Month in a couple of days, I bet you have an expectations either in your finances, job, promotion, proposal from a loved one, documentation approval, capital for business, etc., I would like to entreat all my readers to have a mindset of pushing through the storm and not to give up on whatever you doing yet for the tides will always come back.


“Lipstick and hustle”

” Lipstick & Hustle”


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Sometimes, Life is a Bitch! I know you know its true. I have been pulling myself to write for days now but, my heart won’t let me – its broken (long story)! 

Le sigh. And to make matters worse, I get to office to meet my junior colleague looking all so down with a teary eye. Why? Because, she went into an argument with the partner which nearly led to a fight and needs my advice. “Seriously! Out of all days you want me to advice you about what now!…am going through one hell of a moment but am living” I thought, but instead I said to her; Life is not going to be “paused” because you are sad and heartbroken girl, in fact, it’s going on so get your mind right and move on. I continued by sharing with her notes I penned down when I need to be reminded about moving on:

Choice! Choice!! Choice!!!

It’s all a matter of Choice, you can;

Choose to be Happy, choose to be Sad

Choose to Ignore, Choose to React

Choose to Forgive, Choose to Revengeful

It your decision to make. When you come into realization that not everything needs your attention and time and that it’s up to you to either change the situation or change your mindset towards it. Therefore, you nee to make careful and cautious decision not to give your energy to situations and people who will yield negative result.

Its time to Live again Not just Exist.

Live and enjoy every moment for not everything we see and hear needs our attention and preposition. Stop feeding your situations because its won’ t make it go away but rather grow it.

If you could forgive and let go you will be at peace with yourself and find HAPPINESS.

©2017~ sophiYYaNote

“Affirmation to keep you GOING”


The KEY of repetition to flood your brains with Positive Thought…

                                                                        – Affirmation


…”Not that i have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I  press on to make it my own. Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goals for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Let those of us who are mature think this way and if in anything you think otherwise, He will reveal that also to you. Only let us hold true to what we have attained”.





Acknowledgment: I hereby acknowledge Our Daily Bread for this reassurance on this day a year ago.